Must Girls be Playing Youth Football?

This may possibly be a bit of a controversial topic for some but in the society we reside in the answer should really be a resounding no!

Do some girls have the size and aggressiveness to play youth football? Certainly, I see sisters of my players that would make superb football players, but I am not confident it would be the finest for the girl or the boys on our youth football group.

Today's society appears to want to devalue females, rap music with its demeaning depiction of females as throw aways and worthy of abuse, Television and films that depict females as abuse worthy sex objects and the very same with the print media and the mainstreaming of pornography.

In inner-city Omaha almost 70% of our players have no man in the property. If you consider I am exaggerating, we have had games with two persons in the stands and each have been females, not sufficient for a chain crew. This was not a a single time deal, we have had lots of games exactly where we did not have three males to run the chains. Several of our players have no model of behavior in the home to “copy” of how to appropriately treat a lady. The youngsters typically see initially hand females becoming physically and mentally abused and of course they hear it in the music they listen to, on Television and in print. I've been coaching youth football for 15 years and the “dadless” home issue is receiving worse every single year. Tom Osborne in his book “Faith in the Game” claims this issue is rising and is accountable for the majority of crime and difficulties with young males.

If we let girls play tackle football with boys, we teach the boys that harsh physical make contact with with females is acceptable behavior. In reality as coaches we would have to encourage and reward this physical make contact with. Our players would get in the habit and be made use of to becoming physical with females, the act would desensitize every person involved in the activity of physical force becoming applied to females by males. The female in the meantime is mastering that harsh physical make contact with with males is acceptable, it is now a habit. Now though getting females on your group may possibly enable the brief term progress of some of our football teams I am not confident we are assisting either the boy or the girl in their extended term improvement as productive members of our society.

Girls are as very good as and even improved at boys at lots of activities, this is not about the girls getting the capacity to play. This is about breaking the abusive cycle lots of single parent households or even two parent households are in now. In my thoughts, coaching youth football is a lot extra than teaching youngsters how to run very good football plays and how to block and tackle. It is about teaching worthwhile life lessons the youth football player can take with him for use in his whole lifetime. My dad taught me how to treat females with reverence and respect and I was rewarded for that behavior with a amazing wife and quite satisfying household life. Dad not only told me, he showed me, even when him and mom had disagreements, they never ever got loud or physical. He modeled the correct behavior every single day, lots of of our youngsters Never ever see that correct behavior becoming modeled for them. As a boy, we have been threatened that hitting a girl or even pushing a single was “mortal sin” material that could never ever occur. If it did occur, I would be dealt with by my father in the most intense serious way, in addition it was also deemed cowardly.

In 2001 we had an eight year old football player of a single of our Omaha teams strike a girl in the face with his fist more than some form of disagreement in the playground location of our field. Of course we spoke to the boy and let him know he should really never ever strike a lady and dismissed him from our system with the guarantee he could come back the subsequent year if we saw substantial improvement in his attitude and actions. We felt he required the system and make contact with with sturdy male part models. The player had to attend every single practice and the games and watch, not play. We persuaded the parents of the struck girl not to press formal charges. Beleive it or not the striking players “grandpa” argued the youngsters case and stated the girl “pushed him initially”. That produced me ill, the poor kid has no dad in the home and a “grandpa” that thinks it is OK to hit girls in the face that push you initially. No wonder his daughter had no man in the home. I wanted to smack grandpa in the face but believed that would not be the suitable message for the boy to see either. We truly worked this kid, but I have really feel there is a quite higher probability this player will be a lady user/abuser when he gets older and will have a quite unsatisfying household life. Though the grandson did come back, grandpa was not invited to coach once more for us.

I am never ever going to enable females to play in my youth football system. I do not want our football players life lessons and memories to contain when our stud linebacker knocked the stuffings out of a girl operating back who had snot bubbles and tears streaming down her face.

Having said that, some persons will bite the hand that feeds it. In our rural system we have had no female football sign ups. In Omaha we have had a couple of moms attempt and sign their daughters up for football. Following the initial disappointment wore off and the mom was told why we consider it tends to make sense in the extended run for females not to play, the moms have been quite supportive. I can consider of just a single case exactly where mom did not “get it” and pulled her son out of the system simply because we would not enable her daughter to be pummeled by boys on our group. I can nonetheless see her now, a single mom with three youngsters that required the system who refused to listen to explanation. This mom had two missing front teeth, most likely brought on by the very same cycle we have been attempting to enable break.

Now we have tackle football and even wrestling among boys and girls, whats subsequent boxing? or how about ultimate fighting? Exactly where do we draw the line? If gilrs are as very good as boys in football, why not boxing? Why not wrestiling? Why not Ultimatre Fighting?

There are some that do not care about the extended term implications for each parties, they just have a selfish need to see their kids excel, no matter the expense. I cringe at what is in retailer for that poor girl.